Friday, March 16, 2012

this is a little different from the version on the newest album... but dang I love this! makes me want to start playing the ukulele again!

Friday, February 3, 2012


I have started my first crochet project. It is a blanket, and it's a lot larger than I thought it was going to be... It's going to be really epic, but it's also going to take forever. I will post pictures of my progress.

season of reason

It has been a long time since I made a blog post. I am not going to make some false promise that I am going to start blogging more often, but as I am sitting in a dark back room of the Museum of Art at the IMU because my boss decided to schedule 3 people rather than 2 people to sit at the front desk on Fridays this semester... I have a lot of free time to sit and think and write and read and study.

So let's start with that!

I have a job, finally, AND it's at the Museum of Art that I have been trying to get a job at for the last year. I work 20 hours a week where I sit, read, and work on homework. However, I do have to give my first tour next week which is terrifying kind of.

This semester is going to be significantly easier than last. I am only taking 4 classes, only 1 of which is an art history course. I am taking printmaking, which is fun, German online, and Interpretation of Literature, which I am finding very enjoyable. My teacher is into classical music, Cival War reenactments, birds and nature stuff, whaling (I assume as a consequence of his favorite book, Moby Dick), painting, and early 20th century literature. Also, he watches Downton Abbey, just like Ports and I!

I applied to 7 graduate schools. I have heard back from one (Minnesota) that I did not get into. 6 more and hopefully one will be an acceptance, although I am not extremely optimistic about it now. If I had a preference, I would go to Northwestern, University of Chicago, or University of Michigan (in that order) because they offer straight Ph.D. tracks. The other three I am waiting to hear back from are University of Wisconsin, Indiana University, and University of Iowa. I am completely unsure how things will pan out with this whole situation, but I have recently realized that I will be fine no matter what happens, even if I don't get in anywhere. I suppose it's good to be prepared for anything, both in a literal sense and in an emotional sense, and I feel like I am getting to that point.
Honestly, I just want to know where I will be next Fall. Whether I am in a completely new place with no familiar faces, or still in Iowa City reapplying for graduate schools because I didn't get in anywhere... I just want to know!

Anyway, I am getting tired of talking about graduate schools and I am sure everyone else is tired of hearing me talking about them. That was just my little two cents about how I am feeling.

In other news, I went snowboarding over Christmas break and landed on my arm. It still hurts when I lay or sleep on it, but I am hoping it will go away soon enough.
I am going to Ames this weekend to play a show for the first time in several months. I wrote a new song, and I need to figure out means of recording it and some older songs which I have revised. I am playing a 15 minutes set tomorrow for the 4th Annual Anniversary of the Ames Progressive, or "The Space" as it goes by now. I am excited to drink lots of wine with ma and pa tonight and spend the day in Ames tomorrow.

It is the season of engagements! Lots of friends have gotten engaged, including Layla, Elena, and Paige, and it is all very exciting! I know of many other people that are getting married or will be getting engaged (most likely) as well. It will be a nice spring and summer of wearing cute dresses and going to weddings without a date because Porter will probably be in Jerusalem doing a research thing through July and August, but hey, it's all good.

I have recently been going through a time of missing people, especially Trey and Denise. I miss some of my Louisiana friends that I met this summer, and I would definitely be happy to see a whole handful of other people as well.
I am anxious to find out where I will be next Fall because it will probably also determine how much time I spend visiting people this summer. I definitely want to go to Portland, but for how long... I do not know.
On another note, I am taking a Modern Art class, and I have enjoyed learning even more about the art movements that I think I will continue to research and study including: Symbolism, Art Nouveau, and the many artists that are hybrids between the two. Perhaps I will right more about my artists of interest later.

All in all, life is good and there are no complaints. Sometimes I feel like life is just kind of stagnant, but then I realize it's not and everything is going to be okay.