Monday, February 21, 2011


Friday, February 18, 2011

cute overload!

I just uploaded a bunch of picture that have been on my camera forever and I just want to put some of them up to show you how cute babies and kitties can be.

this is my nephew, Thurston on his first birthday.

and here he is at Christmas:

this last one is probably my favorite.

I got to see this little booger finally walk a couple weekends ago! what a champ! finally!


I just posted my first items on ebay ever! I have a whole stack of clothes that I am selling because I have OCD and get rid of clothes a lot because I have too many and I also need money! Christina inspired me by telling me she got $85 for selling clothes on ebay. seemed like a solid idea.

also, I have been listening to Kitsune Noir (cool name) mixtapes lately and they are just pretty neat and a good way to make me not have to pick what to listen to for hours because they are all 20-40ish minutes long.

to finish off this blog post, here is a picture of Marian. she is nearly as cute as Thurston, but she certainly isn't the most photogenic of kitties. here is her her most glamorous angle:

Monday, February 14, 2011

'member that time?

I was inspired by LisaGrace's blog of the day, which was inspired by someone else's blog.

I remember one of my friends taking all of us girls to a salon to get our hair and makeup done for her birthday party when we were little. I think it was Steph.

well, it seemed completely normal to me to get my hair done in french braids. I had never really had anyone to do good french braids and so I really wanted my hair to be braided. my stylist lady was not very happy about it as I am sure she was wanting to curl my hair and make it look really girly (much like all of the other girls' hairstyles, which all looked exactly the same). I didn't really understand anyone would want anything BUT french braids, honestly. my 2 french braids complimented my general tomboy behavior of that time in my life.

I only realize now why that lady was so mean and how silly it was to request that she put my hair in french braids when she could have done some fancy up-do or whatever.

hah. ohhhh elementary school.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I just love this stuff.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This is the title people seem to be giving the blizzard from last night.

Classes were canceled. Both of my roommates spent the night elsewhere last night.
Everyone else has roommates to enjoy being snowed in with, but alas, mine are no where to be seen.

I am thankful to live right next to a Fareway, if it becomes necessary.

I hope someone comes for me soon. Sigh.

At least I have Marian.

I walked out my front door this morning into snow that came to my knees. I knew that someone had to shovel the steps and the parking spots. Since only one of our parking spots was occupied with a car, the other is just a solid block of snow that has to be thrown somewhere.

I'm not upset that everyone left me all alone. I'm really just not sure what to do with all of this snow. Here I am trying to shovel out our parking spots, but there is NO WHERE TO PUT ALL OF THE SNOW. My lovely neighbors thought it would be okay to throw their snow into the main drive that had already been plowed. I don't know if they thought that the plow guy would come by again or something, but it's really become quite an inconvenience. I can get my own car out (probably). I wish that I had that fancy bag that Dumbledore gave Hermione that you can fit anything in. Sort of like Marry Poppins's magical bag.