Monday, February 14, 2011

'member that time?

I was inspired by LisaGrace's blog of the day, which was inspired by someone else's blog.

I remember one of my friends taking all of us girls to a salon to get our hair and makeup done for her birthday party when we were little. I think it was Steph.

well, it seemed completely normal to me to get my hair done in french braids. I had never really had anyone to do good french braids and so I really wanted my hair to be braided. my stylist lady was not very happy about it as I am sure she was wanting to curl my hair and make it look really girly (much like all of the other girls' hairstyles, which all looked exactly the same). I didn't really understand anyone would want anything BUT french braids, honestly. my 2 french braids complimented my general tomboy behavior of that time in my life.

I only realize now why that lady was so mean and how silly it was to request that she put my hair in french braids when she could have done some fancy up-do or whatever.

hah. ohhhh elementary school.

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  1. hahahaha, you would.

    also, my sister started 'member that time so it's entertaining to see it showing up on other people's blogs. :)