Saturday, June 12, 2010

new stuff doodadoo.

I sold my old keyboard yesterday for $600. even though I posted it on craigslist for $800, I can't complain. because as my brother reassured me, it was a pain in the rear and I didn't want it and it was big and now I have 600 dollars. however, I had to give the guy my keyboard stand, which blows. but he was super sketchy and I wanted him out of my house, and I also wasn't going to settle for $500.

ALSO, my keyboard that I won on ebay finally came in the mail today (and was delivered to me by this kid who I dated in 5th/6th grade's dad)! I am super pumped to start using it and not have to complain that it is huge and smells like cat pee. sorry to anyone that has come to my past few shows that I didn't have a keyboard at because I was lazy, I promise I will be better from now on.

in other news, I have officially signed up and paid $27 to want to die while running/biking/swimming in a triathlon on July 11th. there's no backing out now. too bad my mind and body don't understand that yet because it's very difficult to force myself to train for it.

I have also realized that the Strokes are pretty good and I never really gave them a chance. this month has been a month of trying new things and giving things second chances. like the National. or Radiohead. or chinese food other than sesame/sweet&sour chicken.

I finished reading the Chronicles of Narnia yesterday. C.S. Lewis is just amazing. I already ranted about this in my journal last night and could probably write a book about how awesome those books are/C.S. Lewis is. Now I'm going to start in on The Bell Jar, which is our first book for our book club (the Longbottom Society). I am hoping that I will be able to balance the book club book with the new graphic novels that I got from the library and watching movies that I got from the library and some other random book out of my collection that I have had for several years but haven't read yet. I really do want to read more.

I just watched Pulp Fiction for the first time. not sure what the point was, but I generally enjoyed it quite a bit.

sometimes I feel like vomiting when I walk outside into the humidity. I just want to be able to wear jeans and a flannel shirt all the time. where can I do that? I want to be there.


  1. June 30th! the Mews! early show so it's all ages yay!