Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I got on the Métro today to head to my first day of class. After a few stops, some man got into the entrance right next to me and started speaking something really loudly in French. I wondered what kinds of things he could be saying, because there was no possible way for me to know as I have studied zero French.

I thought about the situation if it would have been in America. Sometimes people speak loudly/shout in public about religion and proclaim their beliefs-- some good, and some hurtful. I wondered if perhaps that was what was happening, though I assumed not. I knew he wasn't talking to one particular person although he started out saying "something something Madame," when he came onto the subway. I thought about how I have heard that guy rapping in the Ped Mall in Iowa City to himself, but it didn't seem like this guy was rapping.

I concluded that he must have been reciting poetry that he had memorized or was making up on the spot. Perhaps this is because everything in French sounds like poetry.

Whatever the situation was, it as kind of awkward and everyone generally ignored the gentleman, which is kind of sad.

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