Wednesday, February 24, 2010

never die, for always be around and around and around.

I am compiling a list of songs that make/have made me emotional.

in no particular order...

"dogs" - page france
"hallelujah" - leonard cohen/jeff buckley
"some things last a long time" - daniel johnston
"re stacks" - bon iver
"skinny love" - bon iver
any other bon iver song.
"mlk" - u2
"I'll be seeing you" - billie holiday
"names" - cat power
"transatlanticism" - death cab for cutie
"I won't be found" - the tallest man on earth
"vienna" - billy joel
"asleep" - the smiths
"of angels and angles" - the decemberists
"little dreamer" - future islands
"on your porch" - the format
"open your eyes" - snow patrol
"jesus paid it all"
"tereza and tomas" - bright eyes
"the trapeze swinger" - iron & wine
"details in the fabric" - jazon mraz feat. james morrison
"the cure for pain" - jon foreman
"amazing love" - david crowder band
"I love how you love me" - jeff mangum
"I remember music" - rocky votolato
any sigur ros song.
"marry song" - band of horses

some people are just really good at making songs that make me want to cry sometimes.
I think it is these songs that have inspired me the most sometimes.

feel free to add to my list in that little area for commentsssss.

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