Thursday, March 18, 2010

I wanna be the King of Spain!

I think I have been restless.
I am always wanting to escape Ames and go... anywhere!

going to Iowa City on Monday was really wonderful. not only was the weather just fantastic and we could drive around with the windows down, but there is just something thrilling and yet comfortable about being in a place foreign to me. I don't know my way around, but I feel like that's how things should be sometimes. there should always be space to explore. that's something I am particularly excited about with transferring to U of Iowa. there's this whole other place that I get to explore and figure out for myself, something I have yet to be able to do in Boone and Story county.

I think I generally just like getting away every weekend I can. even when Colorado plans fell through for spring break, I just couldn't bring myself to stay in Ames. so I came to Minneapolis! and I love coming to Minneapolis. During the week is always kind of neat because Porter is at work during the day and so I can explore by myself. I really love the feeling of being up here. I get to spend several days in a place out of my element. I don't know what it is... it's just good.
heck, even Des Moines is enough sometimes.

the next several weekends and beyond are going to be pretty great.
next weekend, Scott and I are heading to Branson, Missouri for Young Christian's Weekend.
the weekend after that, Denise, Trey, and I are heading back up to Minneapolis for High Places, Tobacco, the Hood Internet, and Beach House.
after school is done, Denise and I are going to go to Colorado too!
somewhere in between Easter weekend and the end of school I'm going to try and head to Wartburg and/or Luther to visit fwiends.
this summer, I hope to go to Colorado again with more people AND my family is hopefully/most likely taking a trip to Philadelphia!
I also look forward to the possibility of studying abroad when I change my major and transfer schools.
I feel good about all of these things.

also, completely off subject, new Tallest Man is really great.

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