Friday, March 26, 2010

blood, learning, meat, hookah, Branson, sleep, coffee.

as of yesterday, I have successfully donated blood 1.5 out of 3 times attempted. after waiting around for over an hour yesterday to donate blood, I eventually got the needle in and was doing well and then the blood flowing slowed down because of my bruising that was happening, so they took out the needle. I managed to donate half a pint of blood which will be useless and probably thrown away. all that for nothing! and I'm not really complaining, because I wasn't too upset about it, just upset that it wouldn't be used at all. I think I'm more just scared to death to every try and donate blood again, which makes me sad.

as of yesterday, I decided that I like learning and being a student. this is something I am realizing as I transition from being a music student to a real college student taking legitimate classes that I actually need to study for. I have really enjoyed my music history and art history classes and am wondering if it's just history I like or if I generally enjoy learning things. anyway, I'm excited to be a real student next year.

as of yesterday, I have made hamburger patties out of a tube of meat (gross).

as of yesterday, I have still not smoked hookah.

as of yesterday, I am packed and ready for Branson, which I will be leaving for in about 2 hours!

as of this morning, I have 5 hours of sleep and 4 cups of coffee in me and really frantic and twitchy. WEEHOO!

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