Monday, April 5, 2010

organ fever

I have continually been inspired by musical groups recently, especially Bachelorette (the New Zealander that opened for Beach House) and Beach House.

first, with Bachelorette, I decided that I would finally just pick up an electric guitar so that I could use for practical reasons as a solo artist.
then, with Beach House, I decided that I need just a straight up organ.
and so now I am stuck wanting to spend lots of money to get a guitar, amp, and new organ. wanting to sell my keyboard because it it so massive and inconvenient to carry around.
deciding also to keep my hair longish so that I can tousel it around as much as Victoria Legrand.
and I am also stuck wishing I had more time in the weeks to make some music so I can get started on my next (giant) musical project: a compilation of program music... that is... music that basically tells a story and serves a purpose other than music for music's sake.

so here I am, 1:37am Tuesday morning, on craigslist, trying to find the perfect organ.
I want a simple, very portable organ. I blame Beach House for being so awesome last night and inspiring me to simplify my giant keyboard into a very simple organ sound.

in other news, I have a test tomorrow, quiz on Wednesday, a composition assignment that was due last Friday, program notes due Friday, a recital attendance essay due Friday, a leadership application due Friday, a new song to record before sometime in April, 10 more recitals to attend/recital attendance essays to write before the end of the semester, 2 large research papers due by the end of the semester, a handfull of finals, several piano quizes, several pointless music theory assignments, and too many more 8 o'clocks that I will probably continually sleep through before this spring semester is finished.

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