Saturday, April 24, 2010

like a bird from prison bars has flown.

tonight was possibly my last band concert I will be in for quite some time, if not ever. I feel satisfied, but also very sad about this. when I think about the lack of time I have spent practicing my saxophone or just playing it in general in the past month or so, it makes me sort of sad. granted, my time has generally been spent doing things that, to me, are more important... like hanging out with fraaands during lunch and things. but, it's just still weird to think that I won't be playing my saxophone near as much. I know that I could just easily change that and pick it up at any time, but the sad part is that I don't know that I will regain the motivation (if I ever once had it) to just pick up my saxophone and play it.
I'm sure that time will tell what happens with me and the saxophone. it would be kind of sweet if I could like teach saxophone lessons to little children or something. whatevs I guess.

I am scared that I am going to wake up tomorrow with an arm that needs to be amputated from all of the cat scratches that I have received tonight. apparently kitty claws can be pretty gross and all of the scratches (one really bad one from Marian and a few little guys from Raleigh) can get infected pretty easily. I'm nervous because they hurt, but it would be kinda wicked to wake up to a swollen, greenish-blue arm of some sort.

I am almost done with my art history paper, which I am feeling pretty satisfied with. I feel that all of the information is solid, I just need to figure out the right order/format for putting it all into context. that last page for it that I need to write will be nothing! I even have until Thursday to do it. while I did sort of procrastinate on that one because I missed the rough draft turn in date which would've probably been useful, I am still doing pretty good.
I need to make a brass composition, which shouldn't take more than an hour at some point.
I need to go to/write essays for 7(ish) more recitals by the end of the semester, one of which I can use for my music history assignment which I should have done by Monday... but it also has to be more legit than my usual recital attendance papers which I am pretty relaxed and goofy about because my saxophone professor is pretty awesome.
I need to start/finish a 7-10 page music theory paper over a Debussy piece. don't know how I'm going to pull that one off, but it's not due til finals week.
learn a bunch of stuff for piano class.
study for a couple of tests eventually.
oh and write a song by Monday/record it sometime this week...

I did learn "I'll Fly Away" on the uke today and I'm going to toss my own sweet version of it on the end of whatever song I write for this cassette deal. I don't know what I'm going to write yet, but I'm thinking about naming it "Gift for a Funeral". I was google searching 'gift for a funeral' and thought about how it was a cool name for a song, and might go really well with the "I'll Fly Away" theme.
I was searching this because Scott and I were brainstorming ideas for gifts to give to the Robilliards at the visitation of their newborn daughter. Maybe I can write the song about her...
we're driving 4(ish) hours to Northwest Iowa for the visitation of Aubrey Robilliard who had only a few days of life. it's probably one of the most tragic stories I've ever heard and makes my heart drop every time I think about it. we have been wanting to make a visit to Rock Valley to visit the Robilliards (my high school band director, his wife, and other daughter, Halle) ever since they changed schools and moved forever away, and I feel pretty crappy about the fact that it has taken this long and these specific circumstances to bring us up to visit them. even though I'm not looking forward to spending 8 hours in a car tomorrow, I am happy that we're going.

on a lighter note, Iowa City was a good time this weekend. I enjoyed getting to know some other people going, and God is definitely opening my heart up to new people and new things, which is always neat. Iowa City is just really rad and I'm excited to be there. also, getting a job shouldn't be a problem. ALSO, we signed our lease today! yay yay yay!!! so happy that is taken care of. also, found out my orientation is at the beginning of June, which is nice, so I can sign up for classes and junk and hopefully get the schedule I sort of have planned out!

falling asleeeeeeeep.... peace.

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