Sunday, April 18, 2010

whatever the eff we want.

veishea = success, I would say.

I had a lot of fun and generally participated in veishea activities/really just actually went to the bands more than last year. everyone sounded pretty good and though it was cold, it was fun.
however, my sleeping habits = definitely deprived.

Saturday night, there was a show of some Iowan bands at the progressive. Trey played (Tall Too, now) and it was really nice and everyone hoola-hooped with this stash of hoola-hoops that were at the progressive. decided that I am going to start hoola-hooping because it is a good ab workout. woot! These Stains is Us played, and they had a very obnoxious crowd though it was generally still pretty fun. and Utopia Park played last. they are always a blast to watch, and though there weren't a hefty amount of people there, it was a total ball. I love Phil and Dom and I really look forward to seeing them more often/doing music stuff with them more often when I am in Iowa City. we hoola-hooped to their epic dance music and looked like fools dancin' the night away. I don't know at what point it was exactly, but I sort of zoned out and realized that everyone was just doing whatever the eff they wanted, and it was really awesome. we were dancing however we wanted, running around, jumping, sitting, whatever! we were just this small room of people in the middle of one giant party.

we rode bikes around after the show which I was pretty stoked about because of my new bike. I felt much more safe riding on a bike with the company of Trey than I did when I was walking around by myself on Friday night. I could ride right by intoxicated people and say whatever goofy thing I wanted in response to the ridiculous comments that never failed to come out of their mouths.

Porter and I didn't get a chance to hang out with some other people as much as we would have liked. and frankly, I felt like I didn't see as much of Porter and Marian as I would've liked to this weekend either.

BUT! Marian is here to stay for at least a couple weeks, until Porter comes back. I just didn't want to make her leave when she is so much more happy here. it's too stressful for her to have to ride in a car 3 hours here, only to stay for a couple of days, and then ride in a car 3 hours back. she is paranoid all weekend, thinking that any given moment we might pick her up and throw her in Porter's jimmy. also, I have missed her and am pretty excited for her to be here to cuddle with me at night.

also, hanging out with the family in O-town was pretty rad today. we smoked delicious cigars with pops and drank coffee and generally just enjoyed being outside.

double also, utilities are only like $15 this month, which is crazy! I don't know how that happened, but I am pretty pumped about it. at least enough to post it on my blog.

I need to make a new song/record it very soon.
and write 2 papers, probably this week.
I HAVE to make this week productive, which is going to be ridiculous considering I have my last 3 band concerts (maybe ever?!) all this week AND the IC retreat on Friday night/Saturday morning. looking forward to checking out the new apartment on Saturday too though! woooooooooot.


  1. yeahhh hulahoops!!! they became a serious hobby of mine last summer and will probably stay so for the rest of my mobile life... you should check out It has great tips for making your own hoop and always has a trick of the week!! So you can learn cool tricks.