Thursday, April 28, 2011

classical music.

Despite it still being rainy and kind of chilly and not really sunny or "spring-like" at all outside, I thought it was still an ideal time for a layout change. Sure, I still hold onto my faded, dull colors, but hey, just because it's spring doesn't mean I have to like bright things!

Also, I just finished my last paper for the semester last night and though I still have tons of slides to memorize before finals week, I feel like there is more time in the day to relax, drink coffee, and leave a blog post that is longer than 3 sentences.

More importantly, however, is the theme of this blog post. Classical music. Sometimes I forget about classical music. With the weather and overall thing that is "life," classical music has never seemed more perfect as background music. I was listening to my 3 S. Carey songs on my itunes and they automatically fade into Debussy's "Clair de lune," played by Sam Rotman. This coincidental music change seems to have altered everything. The ups and downs from song to song more perfectly than they have before.

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