Thursday, April 28, 2011

me and D.

Here is Denise:

Last week on Monday, Denise and I had the pleasure of seeing one of our most favorite bands at the IMU. Here are the Decemberists:

I have been wanting to see this band for quite sometime, and how convenient that they would be playing at the University of Iowa Memorial Union with tickets that I could just charge to my ubill?!

I have always loved the lead guy's voice, but I never knew what he looked like. Here is Colin Meloy:

They sounded just wonderful, which makes sense because they have been playing as a band for years. Not only that, but their stage presence, friendly-ness, and overall charm (specifically from Colin) really made this one of the best, most enjoyable shows I have ever been to! Colin was goofy and did all sorts of quirky things and I felt like we were friends afterward even though I didn't even talk to him.
As a whole, I was expecting them to play a bunch of new stuff, which would have been fine, but they played a little bit of everything (except the Crane Wife, which I thought was weird)! They came out for 2 encores-- the second of which, they played the Mariner's Revenge Song. That was the first song I had ever heard by the Decemberists, and they required crowd participation, and it was just great. Possibly the best way to end a show I have been waiting to see for years. I feel inspired to write songs that are semi-autobiographical (which is how Colin referred to a few of the tunes) and tell stories.

Last Friday, I stopped in Des Moines to see D before I went to my parentals' for Easter. It was wonderfully foggy out and so we took some nifty pictures.

Phew! 2 posts AND a layout change in one day!

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