Saturday, May 28, 2011


Having spent my whole day today at an airport (5 hour layover in Chicago before I actually fly to Paris at 6pm), I have made some observations:

-Airports now have these crazy automatic toilet cover changers. All you have to do is press a button and it rotates it and it is NUTS! and awesome.
-You have to pay a decent amount of money to use the internet, which is dumb.
-International terminals of airports are super nifty. There are lots of people speaking different languages and I just assume that everybody is foreign and awesome in some way.
-I have a love/hate relationship with food courts and restaurants in airports. I don't really feel like eating when I am traveling, but they are everywhere and you want to eat everything. But then they are never really that good and you remember why you don't like eating when traveling.
-Walking on those conveyor belt things makes you feel like you are in the future.
-You can see lots of adorable old people traveling (especially on Memorial Day weekend).
-You should always weigh your suitcase before you attempt to check it. Otherwise you have to pay $200 dollars for an overweight bag OR check a second bag for $50, which I had to do today. Then you have to embarrassingly sort out all your stuff in the middle of an airport and it is just stressful!
-Traveling by yourself is kind of relaxing and empowering. But at the same time you don't have someone to hang out with, especially if you are not sociable and don't make friends with the people around you...
-I have very little idea of what I am doing!

more to come...

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