Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day.

Happy May Day!

When I was a child and a candy-fiend, I had a love/hate relationship with May Day. When I got a May Day basket, I don't remember it looking like this one. It would be full of CANDY (because everyone knew that I was the neighborhood candy thief, true story)!!!!

The thing is, it felt like I didn't get a May Basket more than every other year or so (possibly because everyone knew that I needed to one day overcome my obsession with candy). Even the Germers didn't always give me a basket full of candy. I would see them sneak one over to some of the other neighbors, but not always us. Maybe we never gave them one?... I don't really remember... May Day is a faint memory in my mind, but I always loved it because of the possibility of receiving tons of candy. I don't really understand the holiday as a thing, but I guess it is kind of neat in theory.

This is a silly blog post. It's only real purpose is to bring your attention to the fact that it is May Day. And if you feel up to it, you could make small baskets with candy, flowers, popcorn, pretzels, whatever you want and secretly place it upon the doorsteps of your neighbors. I know I won't be, because it is dead week and I have to study!

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