Sunday, May 29, 2011

the city of love.

Having been in Paris now for approximately 8 hours, I can already tell you that these stereotypes of France are true.

-There are constantly people walking around after buying freshly baked baguettes.
-There are many adorable caf├ęs and markets everywhere. The espresso is also better.
-It is generally really adorable.
-Everyone dresses nicely and is generally more attractive because they speak French (which is generally true for any European country, from my understanding).

Also, I watched this group of elderly ladies gather for some type of reunion in the lobby of my residence hall (which is actually a hostel), aaaaaand hearing/seeing a bunch of French ladies speaking French is just wonderful. Aaaand hearing little children speak French is also wonderful.

This is just a brief view of the lobby of the place I live in:


  1. Number One: I am so jealous.
    Number Two: haha number two.
    Number Three: I am alphabetizing my record collection while listening to George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue An American in Paris. It is wonderful and I forgot how much I love Gershwin.
    Number Three: You have to buy the baguettes... They are amazing!
    Number Four: You must post on a regular basis so us boring Americans can keep up with Paris!