Monday, January 4, 2010

neat people.

i enjoy playing shows sometimes, usually when the other bands are really neat and nice.

i enjoy having neat and nice people in other bands stay at my house. it always proves to be a fun experience.

in june, i had the members of the band 'church' from portland stay at our place and it was weird when they left. i got to stay up until hours in the morning chatting with them and then we had brunch and it was a great time. then they left and it was weird.

tonight, again has proved to be a fun experience of having band members stay at my house. one of the band members also turned 22 at midnight tonight which was just a fun thing to share with them.

i like meeting neat people that share common interests. i also like meeting neat people that don't share as many interests. it's just always a worthwhile experience and even though i'm not making friends that i can really continue relationships with... i got to share a night with total strangers-- learning about them, hearing about different parts of the country, hearing about other sweet bands that they are interested in... even if just for a few hours.

i'm usually difficult when it comes to leaving/being left by a friend. even though i just met these people, or even though i had just met the portland folks... just the fact that they played the center of my attention and a large part of my life for a night and now they have to leave... it's kind of sad, to be honest. it's like a whole part of my life ends when they walk out my door-- the part of me that gets to hang out with cool musicians, play host, make them food, tell them about myself-- it's done. i don't know that they'll ever think about me again, i will surely think about them. but they are on tour and they are meeting new people every night, will they remember me?
i suppose it doesn't matter much at all, i am just glad to have spent a night getting to know total strangers who are very interesting and nice to my cat.

meeting people who are on tour also inspires me to want to go on tour. i guess that way i will know if they will remember me based on whether i remember all the people i meet and stay with while i am on tour. it just seems like an experience i need to have. maybe an experience similar to one that everyone needs to have.

anyway, tonight i was honestly inspired by the bands that played before me. maybe my months of writer's block will be done. maybe not. i've got to get more inspiration so i can start on that ep!

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  1. you are extremely memorable. don't worry, you enchanted them I'm sure.

    I love that you have a blogspot!