Friday, January 8, 2010

slightly awkward.

due to recent situations, I have decided to compile a list of things that I enjoy eating, but my body rejects. I suppose this will allow me to become more aware of the things that I shouldn't eat, although I probably still will.

1. chinese food- when I was first introduced to the chinese buffet in boone, iowa (which has since burned down), there was never a time that I could stuff my face with chinese and not be visiting the bathroom as soon as I got home. since I have moved to ames and started eating chinese outside of buffets, my stomach has slowly become accustomed to it. however, at times, maybe when I am eating too much chinese food in a week, which I often do, my body rejects it. panda express, cocost, chc.. you name it.

2. coffee beverages- I never even used to like coffee. I have slowly created a tolerance for black coffee, but I will drink a delicious white mocha at any time. I believe it is mostly the sugary beverages that have actually very little coffee in comparision to artificial flavoring that my body rejects the most, but usually, even straight up coffee with some milk in it will send me straight to the lady's room.

3. oyster stew- okay, so I have only had this once, and it was tasty... but once again... REJECTED.

in time, I feel confident that this list will expand. I am getting older and instead of gaining a tolerance for certain things like you do when you get older, I feel like my stomach/entire body is going the opposite direction.
I can't even swing on the swings anymore without feeling like I'm going to vomit.

I have also decided to create a list of things that my body rejects that I also reject. so when people are trying to persuade me to eat/drink certain things, I have a good reason not to.

1. spicy food- I have never liked spicy food. I have recently decided that when the orange chicken at panda express is too spicy... it is why my stomach hates me. so take that all of you people trying to convert me to spicy food. I may never expand beyond my neutral eating zone!

that's all for that list, I suppose.
I apologize for the awkward conotations that come along with my body "rejecting" something that I eat. but hey, it happens to all of us. also, I warned you in the title.


  1. I like to imagine when you eat any of these, a loud voice-over shouts "REJECTED" while you're paused, as the action continues you vomit on the floor.

  2. Trista, you gotta try my spicy-chinese-oyster-coffee! It's reaaallly good :)