Sunday, January 3, 2010

some resolutions.

new years resolutions:

1. eating smaller portions/healthier foods including more organic food. drink more water. make lunch every day instead of buying lunch every day.
2. use more organic products for hygiene and other things.
3. 20 sit-ups (to start) every day/more use of the campus gym.
4. get rid of more clothes/restrict my buying of clothes.
5. record an ep in 2010.

so the first three things aren't very direct and all sort of go together in just generally being more healthy. I know that this is a goal I have set for myself many-a-times, but let's just do it this time.
the fourth one is something I have been realizing a lot in the past several months. I have been ridiculous with worldly things and it's time to make a change I suppose.
the last one is a concrete goal that I can set in front of me. something that I just do and it's done. but I want to be proud of it and hopefully not get tired of the music I write as I have with all of the things I have written within the past year.

I am realizing how sad it is that I never achieve any goals I ever set out for myself and I guess I will just need some help, but I need to start doing things in the time I have.
God help me, for sure.

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