Thursday, May 13, 2010

daily observations.

I miss my bicycle, but my cat is so adorable that it's okay.

other observations:

awkward situations are impossible to avoid, even if you life your life trying to do so.
-garage sales are awkward.
-craigslist is awkward.
-apparently trying to order something from a restaurant by yourself is awkward.
-trying to figure out where you are going in a foreign city is awkward.
but you're usually not the only person feeling awkward in whatever given situation. also, you may never see the other person again, so who cares.

jazz music is perfect for rainy weather.

taking advantage of free things is always a good idea.
-free places to stay
-free food
-free visits to the museum
-free anything

being nice is usually the best way to go.

if you are unsure of going somewhere new/different when given the option, you should probably just do so.

1 comment:

  1. I have fully experienced everyone of those situations and find them to be truly awkward. I like your list.

    being nice rocks. it's like the greatest gift someone can give another person. especially if the nice person is having a not so great day...then it's an even better gift because the work put into it was harder. that's my little thought on being nice. glad you concur.

    the last line of this post is the most encouraging thing I could read. Thanks. I needed that (I'm leaving for TX in 6 days).

    Gigglet, I love you much and I am such a fan of who you are. :)