Tuesday, May 4, 2010

things that are neat.

scented trash bags

that nestle chocolate milk powder stuff
whoever thought of that was really intelligent. in my experience, a half gallon of regular milk rarely gets used because I don't like drinking milk. buying a carton of chocolate milk doesn't usually work very well either, because even though I love chocolate milk, I always forget I have it. non-perishable chocolate milk powder works well. also, kids love it! ;) I always know that I have regular milk, and now I know that I will always have the possibility of chocolate milk.

bicycle lanes
people get mad if you ride your bike on the road. people get mad if you ride on the sidewalk. someone recently wrote something in the just sayin' section of the daily along the lines of "it's called a sidewalk, not a sidebike." not to mention the fact that riding your bike on the sidewalk is I think frowned upon by the police. I feel like I heard once that it is actually illegal or something. that's probably something I should know. well anyway, I just recently decided to actually use the road for biking. I have a new road bike so I figured it would be fine, I would be able to move fast enough. and five minutes didn't even pass before some dude in his stupid car yelled "SIDEWALK!" out his window when I rode by. sigh. no one's ever happy. I just feel like bikes are a very practical mode of transportation and should be accommodated for. there are some bike lanes on various streets around Ames, but if they were put onto the main streets, like Lincoln Way for instance, maybe everyone could be a little bit happier.

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  1. It is actually illegal to ride on the sidewalk. And on the road you have all the same rights as a car.

    However I am a fan of bicycle lanes as they are one of the few things that research has proven reduces bicycle deaths/injuries.