Wednesday, May 26, 2010

English 335 babes.

I am currently enrolled in English 335: Studies in Film. we are studying Howard Hawks's movies. I pretty much love this class.

it's only twice a week for about a month this summer, and there is hardly any real work to be done for it. we have a few articles to read for each class period, most of which are pretty cool(plus I have hours of doing nothing at the copy center to do read them). each day, we watch some really awesome old film. so far, we have watched Only Angels Have Wings, Bringing Up Baby, and Rio Bravo.
all of these I found very enjoyable, especially Rio Bravo.
today, we are watching the original Scarface, which I am also looking forward to. to top it all off, our professor Leland Poague is the most adorable and wonderful teacher ever. he's right up there with Dr. Prater on my favorite enthusiastic professors list. he's extremely difficult to follow at times because he gets so excited about film that he's totally scatter-brained, but it's just great. he also satisfies my love for adorable old people.
we only have to write a total of like 4 2-page papers that are graded easily and we only have one exam, which I think he will probably over-prepare us for.
not to mention, the class counts as an upper level class, which is a neccessary part of graduating. whether it will transfer over to University of Iowa as an upper level class, I'm not too concerned because I would not regret taking the class anyway.
hopefully I have convinced any readers out there to take this class or the equivalent at any college you may be at.

watching Rio Bravo was awesome because I have never honestly watched any old westerns, and it was a really great one to start on. NOT TO MENTION, DEAN MARTIN (who also goes by the name 'Dude' in this movie, which is sweet in itself) IS A TOTAL BABE AND I NEVER KNEW IT BEFORE. he plays kind of the town drunk at the beginning and then has a wonderful renewal and comeback and proves himself in this awesome bar scene.

now, I'm really not one to swoon over celebrities, because I think it's ridiculous and they are people just like you and me, but I can't really stop myself from being totally into Dean Martin in this movie when he shoots a gun the way he does, or laughs the way he does, or sings a song in his beautiful voice the way he does. if I was my grandmother's age, I am partially convinced that we would have gotten married because after seeing him in this movie, I wouldn't have settled for any less of a babe. I know this is all very ridiculous and whatnot, but I figure if I'm going to have a celebrity crush, it's better that he's not alive anymore. that way, I won't be tempted to act like a giddy teenage girl at the thought of actually meeting him and him falling madly in love with me, like many do nowadays with Rob Pattinson (whom I will admit is a total babe).

anyway, sorry for all this, it won't happen again, but I just had to say something about my huge attraction to a guy who would've now been my grandfather's age. uhh...

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