Tuesday, May 11, 2010

spring cleaning and other things.

I love cleaning things.
I just spent the last half hour or so cleaning out my itunes library and it feels good.
once I get home to Ames, I will probably go through my closet and get rid of more clothes even though I feel like I do that every other week. I think it's OCD, but I find myself thinking about the size of my wardrobe and the clothes that I have and the fact that I keep buying new ones, and I get really anxious. it's like I'm always wanting to sort through my clothes and get rid of more. I've gotten into the practice of this: when I buy new clothes, I get rid of 1 or more other articles of clothing from the same genre. I can't figure out if I'm making bad habits, making good habits, or just adjusting to the bad habits that I already have.
I will probably clean out my room when I get home from the cities as well. and whenever I have time, I will probably clean out my room at my parents house, especially of clothes and useless junk that I have always kept around for no real reason.

another nice thing about cleaning out my itunes library is that it's making me realize I have a lot of new music by bands that I actually like that I should check out. listening to new Broken Social Scene right now. it's okay.

on another note, I am sitting at one of the many Dun Bros coffee places in Minneapolis and they spent like an hour roasting their own beans and it smelled just delicious.
now that I am caught up on all of my television shows, I won't have any real reason to sit in bed for 3 hours after waking up, so I will probably be coming to this Dun Bros again for the next couple of days while Porter is at work. it's a nice place, and it will allow me to get out of my element a bit, if only to just read some Chronicles of Narnia or 1 Kings.
also, I spent an hour at Urban Outfitters today shopping and buying shoes that I probably didn't need, so I don't really have any reason to go shopping for the rest of the week. unless I decide to try and tackle the Mall of America by myself one day... eek. I do want to go to J.Crew though... blargh! what's wrong with me?!

anyway, I feel like I've been out of my mind and not myself lately and I'm glad that I am not in Ames this week and spending some serious time alone while Porter is at work during the day. it's going to be alright, I do believe.

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