Monday, May 3, 2010


school has always been one of my least favorite things on this glorious earth, and I don't know what it took... but I am just starting to embrace and love it now. I don't know why, but it has taken me a semester and a half to realize how much being a student is really awesome. as difficult as it can be sometimes, I think at heart, I really love staying up late writing papers and studying for (some of) my classes. this is all very weird, because sleep has always been one of my most favorite things on this glorious earth.

I'm taking advantage of the library and being on campus to work on things rather than risking falling asleep at my own residence. for instance, being at the MU after midnight- drinking free coffee, putting off finishing this paper because I'm already wired, reading the new neat zine and the few parts of the Iowa State daily that I enjoy, listening to Kanye, looking for organs on craigslist, deciding that I am definitely not getting a ticket for 80/35, writing this blog entry...

also, I thought it worth noting that being in paper-writing mode has recently caused me to constantly re-read anything I write, including blog entries, and figure out the best organizational pattern for all of my thoughts and ideas.

double also, just remembered the horrible feeling I get in my stomach when I hear tables and chairs being moved around while the custodian is sweeping in the MU food court.

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